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Lauren Crews

Agent - Lauren Crews

Lauren Crews is 901 Real Estate Services’ resident sage. With over thirty years of Real Estate sales, investments and developments in commercial, residential, recreational, and farm land, you can’t go wrong with Lauren. Born and raised in Memphis, Lauren cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit from the very beginning. Working for a corporation while attending high school, he then went on to be Vice President of the company in his early 20’s. While studying Residential Development and City Planning at The University of Memphis, he continued to keep up his trend of success by starting several businesses from the ground up. In the 1980’s after having sold his company that produced industrial rain-wear, he used the profits to invest in land. At that point, Lauren the Real Estate Agent was established. He sold parcels of land in the suburbs of Memphis, and spearheaded the development of residential subdivisions. Lauren has been working downtown with 901 Real Estate Services for a number of years. Working downtown has given him the opportunity to focus his energy on the downtown market, particularly multi-family development and commercial sales of existing buildings. Despite all these projects, Lauren still has time to assist other entrepreneurs with financial projections for their new projects and ventures. Lauren credits his efficiency and productivity level to his wife, Sharon, who assists him in all aspects of his daily business routine. Outside of the office, Lauren and his wife spend time with their large extended families.

  • Real Estate Developer
  • 901-262-2877
  • laurencrews(at)bellsouth(dotted)net
  • #255948
  • First job: “I was a door to door salesman for Fuller Brush”.
  • Proudest Accomplishment: “Developing a company that manufactured and imported industrial rain-wear, which I sold to wholesale industrial and safety supply companies across the US”
  • Hobbies: “Biking, running, hiking, canoeing, and looking for new real estate ventures”
  • Favorite Memphis Event: “There’s so many to choose from; I like the art exhibitions, sporting events, and film festival events in Downtown”.
  • Favorite Memphis Neighborhood: “Downtown for its’ high energy, historic buildings, and everything within walking distance”
  • Favorite Memphis Restaurant: “Pete and Sam’s”
  • Favorite Memphis Bar: “Pontotoc on South Main”
  • Favorite Food: “My wife’s cooking. She makes everything taste great”
  • Favorite Book: “Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho”
  • Favorite Band/Music Album: “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits”
  • Favorite Movie: “My Cousin Vinny”
  • Favorite Actor: “Jack Nicholson”
  • 901 Res is: “I think a lot of 901 Real Estate’s owner, Kendall Haney. He is one of the most honest and dependable people I have ever known.”