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Novel Memphis: An All-In-One Experience for Book-Lovers

Any native Memphian Gen X-er remembers the good ole’ days of Bookstar. Back in the 90’s, it was a very popular hangout where you could find great books, magazines, and coffee all while watching the buzzing traffic on Poplar Avenue. After Bookstar closed their doors, there was a stretch of years where all the young Memphis bibliophiles had to resort to the corporate giant, Barnes & Noble. In Laurelwood, they had the independent store, ‘The Booksellers’. In the 2000’s, ‘The Booksellers’ purchased local Davis-Kidd stores. After the economy took a turn, unfortunately so did Davis-Kidd. It was a slump the owners of ‘The Booksellers’ could not escape.

Well, the times they have changed! For those of you who do not venture out to East Memphis often, Novel has parked themselves on the corner of Laurelwood near the Perkins entrance in the former ‘Booksellers’ location. They are located across from ‘Sachi’ and a few doors down from ‘King Furs & Fine Jewelry’ and ‘Turkoyz’. At Novel, you can find an extensive assortment of genres to choose from, as well as literary-themed gifts, Memphis-themed gifts, high-end bath products and lotions, quirky candles and soaps from Whiskey River Soap Co., beautiful cards, stationery, gift bags, kitchen utensils… The list goes on and on. In the back of the store, they also feature a bar and the restaurant Libro at Laurelwood. If you haven’t experienced Novel yet, it is a must.

For more information about the story of Novel Memphis, click HERE.

Want to go super independent, more quirky with a mostly secondhand inventory in Midtown? Try out Two Rivers Bookstore and Burke’s Books. These Cooper Young gems are not to be taken lightly. They are AMAZING places to shop for hours on end!